Georgia Pecans

You will be stunned by how good these Georgia pecans are. We work predominantly with the Elliot variety of pecans, known for their beautiful golden brown color and unique creaminess, sweetness and exceptional flavor.

Warm summer nights and the perfect red clay soil makes Georgia one of the greatest places for pecan trees to thrive. The massive pecan trees need lots of room and tons of sunshine to produce our tasty pecans each year.

Historic Pearson Farm

For more than 135 years, Pearson Farm in Zenith, Georgia has been growing the most incredible Elliott pecans. The Pearson Family has been tending to the same pecan trees planted five generations ago and to this day continue to produce the most flavorful pecans we’ve ever tasted.

It takes about 3 months for Pearson Farm’s Elliot pecans to develop on these majestic trees. By late fall the pecans are ready for harvest.

Harvesting pecans

There is no harvest quite as unique as a pecan harvest. Although it used to be done by tying a rope to the tree limbs and pulling to release the nuts, now Pearson Farm uses the latest equipment to shake the trees causing fresh pecans to gently rain down for harvest.

Pecans and nuts you get in the grocery store can be years old from when they were harvested, leaving them dry and tasteless. Our customers have told us the difference in taste is one of the most dramatic of any of our offerings.

Our customers get the tastiest Georgia pecans delivered directly to them from our annual harvest at Pearson Farm every October. 

Perfect timing means perfect fruit.

All our fruit is “tree ripened” allowing it to stay on the tree longer giving it richer, sweeter flavor. Most grocery store fruit is picked too early and stored for weeks or even months. Our fruit is picked and delivered directly to you within days of harvest – you’ll taste the difference.

Delivered Fresh

Our Georgia pecans are available almost all year. Pecans keep their freshness for several weeks which makes them a great option to have on hand for snacking or your favorite baking project.

From October to March we deliver fresh Georgia pecans directly to our customers homes. And every summer between June and August you can find our fresh Georgia pecans at our Peach Stops.