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Since 1885, our partner Pearson Farm has perfected the art of growing the perfect peach. With over five generations of Pearson family members still running the farm, it is the oldest family-owned peach-growing farm in Georgia.

Our partner, Walker Farms, has been farming for five generations and tending blueberry fields on the same farmland for almost 70 years.

The Pearson Family has been tending to the same pecan trees planted five generations ago, and to this day, they continue to produce the most flavorful pecans we’ve ever tasted.

Our partner, Heart of the Desert farm in Alamogordo, New Mexico, has been producing award-winning pistachios since 1974. Heart of the Desert pistachios are grown, harvested, processed, and packaged right at the farm – guaranteeing the freshness of pistachios that are second to none.


Do not put your peaches in the refrigerator before softening them – they can turn mealy! After softening on your counter, you can refrigerate them safely for 1-2 weeks to extend their life.

Be careful when caring for your peaches – they bruise very easily! Try to use any bruised or softer fruit first. Our peaches are already washed, but we always recommend a quick rinse.

Let them soften. Lay them out for 1-3 days on your counter stem-side down without stacking them. The warmer the room temperature is, the quicker they will soften. Peaches are ready to eat when soft to the touch and have a strong, peachy aroma.

Firm peaches are normal and the way we intend you to get them! They will take 1-3 days to complete the ripening and softening process on your kitchen counter. Peaches continue their ripening process after being picked from the tree, and we ensure they are firm when you get them so they don’t bruise or get damaged while we ship them to you.

We allow our peaches to stay on the tree until the last second before they start to soften, which results in an amazing-tasting peach you can’t get anywhere else!

Our peaches come from Georgia’s oldest peach farm, Pearson Farm, in Fort Valley, Georgia.

All of our peaches are freestone. Over the course of our peach season (June-August) we bring many different varieties of Georgia peaches from Pearson Farm. Each variety harvests for roughly a week, so each time you purchase you’ll most likely be trying a different variety.

What is a freestone? It all has to do with how easily the peach flesh separates from the pit (stone). A clingstone peach “clings” to the pit. These varieties, while tasty, are tougher to eat and work with. In Georgia, they harvest clingstone peaches in May.

Once we get to mid-June, freestone peaches begin harvesting and we start delivering them to the Midwest. They are called freestone because the pit (stone) freely separates from the peach flesh. They’re easy to freeze, can, or eat. We only deliver freestone peaches!

After they soften on your kitchen counter, you can store them in the refrigerator for up to two weeks, but many of our customers are able to use them even longer.

We always recommend having a plan – make pies and cobbler, share some with friends and family, and preserve some to really make the best of your box!

Absolutely! All of our products are 100% guaranteed. This is because we’re so confident that you’ll love our fruit!

Of course, growing anything can be challenging. So if we’ve missed the mark and you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know! Simply email us at [email protected] and we can arrange for replacement product or a refund.

While it may not seem full, your fruit is packed to protect the fruit while it’s transported to you. For this reason, we normally pack our fruit in oversized boxes. However, we guarantee you are getting the amount of fruit you paid for!

If you have any concerns about how much fruit you received, or feel that you did not receive the correct amount, please let us know through our contact form or via email at [email protected].

Our peaches and blueberries are non-GMO and are non-organic, and minimally treated to protect crops. Our farms work very hard to exceed the standards for safe application of any pesticides and only do it as a last resort. Many of our farms practice integrated pest management (IPM), which takes a proactive approach that relies on common sense and environmentally-sensitive pest management practices.

We also offer a lineup of certified organic fruits from Dickinson Family Farms in Southern California. From citrus fruits to avocados, we’re happy to have an organic option for our customers.

We spend a great deal of time and research in selecting the farms that we work with, making sure that we can find the right partner that not only produces great tasting fruit but who cultivates sustainable practices for their land and team members whether organic or conventional.

We prefer credit/debit cards or mobile pay at all of our locations for the safety of our staff. We will also accept checks or cash. At this time we do not accept SNAP/EBT.