Every season has amazing fruit to offer!

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In order to guarantee our customers the best fruit possible, our growers must pick their fruit at the very last second and at the peak of the season. Unlike traditional grocery chains, we receive our fruit directly from the best farmers and packers within days of harvest.


California Cara Cara Oranges

California Heirloom Navels

California Meyer Lemons


Georgia Peaches

Georgia Pecans

Michigan Blueberries

Wisconsin Raw Honey


New Mexico Pistachios

Oregon Mountain Rose Apples

Oregon Pears

Wisconsin Honeycrisp Apples

Wisconsin Raw Honey


Florida Honeybells

Florida Ruby Red Grapefruit

Florida Satsuma Mandarins

Florida Shiranui Mandarins

Florida Starburst Pummelo

Florida Tangerines

Georgia Pecans

New Mexico Pistachios

Wisconsin Raw Honey