Oregon Pears

Nothing gives you all the fall feels quite like an Oregon pear. Sweet, super smooth, and bursting with juice…you haven’t had pears like this.

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The foothills of mt hood

Our Oregon pears are grown in the foothills of Mount Hood, one of the most amazing places to grow fruit. It has a perfect climate for growing pears featuring rich volcanic soil, glacial springs, cool nights and warm days. The Hood River Valley is home to many small family-owned orchards known as the “Fruit Loop,” including our partner farm.

Kiyokawa Family Orchards

Our Oregon pears are grown by Kiyokawa Family Orchards led by third generation orchardist Randy Kiyokawa. Randy’s grandfather emigrated from Japan in 1905 and started farming in the Hood River Valley in 1911.

Randy and his entire family have dedicated their lives to their craft and to growing the perfect pear.


Harvesting Winter Pears

Known as “winter pears,” the hard-to-find varieties we offer are harvested in fall and delivered to our customers in October.


Perfect timing
means perfect fruit.

All our fruit is “tree ripened” allowing it to stay on the tree longer giving it richer, sweeter flavor. Most grocery store fruit is picked too early and stored for weeks or even months. Our fruit is picked and delivered directly to you within days of harvest – you’ll taste the difference.

Taste the difference

Pears refrigerate very well, but unfortunately this has led to most grocery stores keeping pears in cold storage for months and months. This leads to mealy pears.

At Tree-Ripe Fruit Co., we prefer our pears fresh and enjoy them when they ripen naturally, when they’re super juicy. That’s why we deliver them within days of harvest!

Tree Ripe Truck
Delivered in Fall

Every October, we offer a ‘Winter Mix’ pear box to sample varieties such as Comice, Warren, Bosc, Taylor’s Gold, Concorde and more. 

Our Oregon pears are grown special just for Tree-Ripe customers, hand-picked to order and shipped nationwide.