California Cara Cara Oranges

The Cara Cara is a specialty Navel variety that is actually pink inside! They’re sweet and easy to eat like a traditional Navel, but have a flavor unlike anything else. You’ll detect notes of rose, strawberry, blackberry, and other fruits.

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San Joaquin Valley, California

Our Cara Cara oranges are grown in the idyllic San Joaquin Valley near Dinuba, California. There they receive the intense sunshine needed to give them their sweet sun-kissed taste.


Suntreat Citrus Farm

Our Cara Caras come from Suntreat Citrus, which has been in involved in citrus for over 60 years. Founded by brothers Harry and John Griffith, they came to California to start a farm and build a nursery, and created an amazing farming environment.

Cara Caras need lots of sunshine, and have the ideal spot in the Golden State. And while they look ordinary on the outside, they develop a beautiful rose colored interior that is as beautiful as it is delicious.


Tree Ripened

Our California Cara Cara oranges are hand-picked and harvested from late February to early March.

Perfect timing
means perfect fruit.

All our fruit is “tree ripened” allowing it to stay on the tree longer giving it richer, sweeter flavor. Most grocery store fruit is picked too early and stored for weeks or even months. Our fruit is picked and delivered directly to you within days of harvest – you’ll taste the difference.

Taste the difference

Most commercial groves don’t grow this delicious variety. And if they do reach the grocery store they’re weeks or months old which is terrible for flavor.

Our Cara Cara oranges are carefully grown and never artificially colored. And we never keep them in cold storage, we deliver to you within days of harvest for the best flavor possible!

Tree Ripe Truck
Delivering in February

Our California Cara Cara harvest takes place in late February to early March each year. Pre-orders begin in February, and we only harvest what is needed for our orders.

We offer our Cara Caras in a 20lb box shipping nationwide directly to your home or to your friends and family!