Wisconsin Raw Honey

Most people have never experienced the quality and complex flavor of the honey produced by our partner Harvest Place. Raw, ungraded and unpasteurized, this beautifully sweet and floral honey is harvested in small batches every fall for our customers. 

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Glacial hills of Wisconsin

Southeastern Wisconsin is a perfect place to produce healthy bee hives and delicious honey due to its diverse flora, giving the bees plenty of pollen to feed on. With abundant natural water sources, the great fields surrounding the hives are full of clover, lavender and wildflowers allowing the bees to pollinate freely.


Harvest Place Honey

Healthy and happy bees are the cornerstone for expert beekeepers Lyle and Heidi Farrell of Harvest Place. Lyle and Heidi have spent their lives understanding what bees need to stay healthy all year long.

This includes feeding their bees honey, not sugar water or corn syrup, as is often the case with other honey producers. Because of this key practice, their healthy bees survive the unforgiving Wisconsin winters and produce 3-4 times the amount of honey per hive compared to large-scale operations.




Harvesting Honey

In the fall, the raw honey is harvested by hand and processed in small batches leaving behind just enough honey for the bees to feed on through the Wisconsin winter.


Free bees
are happy bees.

Each annual harvest at Harvest Place offers completely different flavors than the last because we let our bees pollinate freely feeding off the surrounding lands. Some years there may be notes of lavender while others years may have notes of clover adding to the excitement of every year’s harvest.

Taste the difference

Often times, honey that you receive at the grocery store is fake or impure. And it’s heated and filtered, stripping it of the valuable health benefits. Worse yet, it can have additives that alter the color and taste, making it nothing more than a sweetener.

We love bringing fresh honey that comes from conscientious beekeepers who produce a pure product, and truly take care of their bees. Happy bees make better honey!

Tree Ripe Truck
Delivered Fresh

Our annual raw honey harvest happens in the fall and is bottled to enjoy throughout the year.

Our customers can purchase our raw honey on our website throughout most of the year. We also have limited supply available each summer at our Peach Stop truck events!