Florida Tangerines

This might just be sweetest tangerine ever grown! This craft-cultivated tangerine variety, known as the Juicy Crunch, is seedless, juicy and oh so sweet!





With its subtropical temperatures, abundant sunshine, distinctive sandy soil and ample rainfall, Florida offers everything needed to produce the sweetest tangerines. And these are sweet!


Noble Citrus Farm

The best tangerines come from Winter Haven, Florida and our fourth-generation grower Noble Citrus has been specializing in growing tangerines for over 100 years. Starting with only a handful of trees, this grove planted tangerines when almost everyone else in Florida was growing oranges.

Noble Citrus takes great pride in their citrus, from environmentally friendly growing practices to sorting and washing the fruit by hand before packing.

Tree Ripened

Tangerines need lots of sunshine and heat, but also the cooler winter nights to develop the amount of sugar they contain. These tangerines only harvest in January, and are all hand-picked.

Tangerines that makes their way to the grocery store are usually weeks or months old, after having been picked too early. This is great for shelf life, but terrible for flavor. Worse yet, citrus fruits can be artificially colored!

Our tangerines are carefully grown, never artificially colored. And we never keep them in cold storage, we deliver to you within days of harvest for the best flavor possible!

orange cut in half

Perfect timing means perfect fruit.

All our fruit is “tree ripened” allowing it to stay on the tree longer giving it richer, sweeter flavor. Most grocery store fruit is picked too early and stored for weeks or even months. Our fruit is picked and delivered directly to you within days of harvest – you’ll taste the difference.

Delivered in January

Our Florida tangerine harvest takes place in January each year. Pre-orders begin in December, and we only harvest what is needed for our orders.

We offer our Tangerines in a 10 lb. box shipping nationally directly to your home or to your friends and family!