30 years and three generations later.

Our mission at Tree-Ripe Fruit Co. is simple: Seek out the best fruit around the country and bring it to our customers within days or even hours of harvest. We work with the right farmers who let their fruit ripen on the tree. What’s the difference? Sweet fruit, richer flavors and a closer connection to how food should be. It’s a simple mission we’ve held on to for over 30 years and three generations, and our customers taste the difference.


If you’ve ever experienced winter in Wisconsin, you might have a better understanding of why Tree-Ripe Fruit Co. has been around for 30 years and why people keep coming back for our fruit every season. My grandfather knew that even in the coldest of Wisconsin months, where nothing would grow, Florida citrus farmers were hard at work growing the world’s most amazing fruit. He knew that if he could bring that fruit directly to places like Wisconsin, people would not only love it, they would appreciate how special tree-ripened fruit could be.

After spending time in Florida, my grandfather quickly saw a considerable difference in quality between what was being grown there and what was being sold in the local Wisconsin grocery stores.

While superior quality citrus was available by mail order, it came with extremely high shipping prices. In 1990, Tree-Ripe Fruit Co. was born out of my grandfather’s desire to bring this amazing fruit to the Midwest quickly and affordably.

We started small, with only a few locations, but it caught on like wildfire with our customers! Our customers immediately requested more fruit and we quickly realized that our new challenge was to find the right farmers growing the right fruit with as much passion as we had. Over the 30 years we’ve been in business we’ve had the honor of growing our family of farmers all over the country and expanding our offerings to over 14 products including Georgia peaches and pecans, Michigan blueberries, Oregon pears, Wisconsin apples and more.

Every step along the way, from picking to packing, how it’s handled in transit to loaded onto our trucks, we’re all making sure you will receive the finest product that can be grown. There is nothing better to us than knowing our customers are getting something special.

From the beginning, we had passion. My grandfather’s desire to do what he loved, yet provide for our family, has not changed despite the changing generations. We still bring that same passion every day. We hope that you enjoy the products we bring as much as we do. We really can’t wait to share it with you, and we’ll see you at the truck!

Tiernan Paine
Third-Generation Owner

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