Meet the Elliot Pecan

“One of each” is something we hear all the time in the peach line – one peach, one blueberry and one pecan

For almost as long as we’ve brought you delicious Georgia Peaches, we’ve been offering our customers premium Georgia pecans. Did you know that there are different varieties of pecans? Our primary variety is the Elliot. What can you expect from the Elliot, and what makes these different from other varieties? 

The history of the Elliot starts on Henry Elliot’s farm in Florida over 100 years ago. The trees grew well with a natural resistance to diseases and drought, with high quality, consistent production.  Nowadays, about 95% of the Elliot pecans grown in the world come from Peach County, GA.  

The Elliot pecan differs from other varieties in its small round shape, its smooth buttery taste and texture, and its high nut-oil content (think healthy fats!). These qualities make our pecans the go-to for pecan pie, charcuterie spreads, a quick healthy snack, and make a great gift. You can store pecans in the freezer to extend the life up to year. We recommend grabbing a few bags for now, and a few for the freezer for your fall/winter baking.   

Nut allergy? While we do have a disclaimer on our pecans regarding allergies, Pearson Farm is proud to be able to offer pecans that have not been cross contaminated with other nuts, so you can feel great about the pecans at our Peach Stops and Pop-up events!  

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