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What is a Satsuma?

Fruit, 11/04/21

Learn more about this incredible variety of citrus.

Satsumas (sat-soo-mahs) are a Japanese variety of mandarin oranges, kind of a cousin to tangerines or clementines. They made their way to Florida in 1876 but production all but stopped in the early 20th century due to the weather. Luckily, they are making a comeback as weather patterns continue to change. These little gems are flourishing in Florida, south Georgia, and you can find Satsumas grown in California… but our Satsumas are so much sweeter 😉 

They are, in our humble opinion, the perfect citrus variety; sweet with a little tang, seedless, and easy to peel. Like, so easy to peel they practically peel themselves. As the Satsumas are growing, the peel tends to separate from the fruit. This gives them a soft and squishy exterior and a ready-to-eat interior.

I’ve been hearing about satsumas since I was a kid. Gordon, my grandfather and our founder, lived in Louisiana back in the 1950’s, where they were growing a lot of Satsumas, but not quite enough to export.  So when harvest-time came around, he said it was like being in a special club that got to experience this incredible taste you couldn’t really find anywhere else. Even after over 30 years in the citrus business, when he talked about the best citrus he ever had, it was always the Satsuma.

It’s an experience that we want you to have. With our partner farm, Florida Georgia Citrus, we’re not just bringing you Satsumas, but the best Satsumas you’ll ever eat.

Author: Tiernan

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