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Entertaining ideas

Fruit, 12/15/21

You can do so much with citrus!

During the winter months, we always get asked: “What else can I do with my citrus besides just eating it?” There is so much you can do, you just have to get creative! We wanted to share some of our tastiest finds and ideas to elevate your Tree-Ripe citrus experience. Whether you have a box of Satsumas or the whole gift box to work with, you’re sure to find something delicious!

Brunch? Yes, please!

Starting with the obvious, you can’t go wrong with fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, and a simple mimosa is a brunch must. For the coffee lover, go beyond your everyday coffee with a honey lavender latte. And don’t forget to add our Wisconsin raw honey to your biscuits or toast. Lemon pistachio bread is such a great addition to the brunch menu; it goes well with virtually everything. And if you are looking to add a healthier option, try our wild rice salad which is super easy to prepare the night before.

Putting together a fancy evening dinner party?

Use any of these simple sides and impress your guests. The Satsuma Fizz or a Paloma cocktail will give your meal a fresh start and look gorgeous next to a baked brie topped with drizzled honey and pistachios. Serve a small tray of candied pecans (killer recipe on our website!) and a spinach and goat cheese salad alongside a citrus glazed pork loin to finish your table.

Need something quick and easy on the weekend?

Sticky Orange Tofu uses pantry staples and is ready in about a half-hour. Add some pizazz with a citrus and dandelion salad inspired by The Diplomat in Milwaukee, WI (think greens, giardiniera, burrata, Satsumas and an easy Satsuma vinaigrette). Then, treat yo’ self with some pecan cookies for dessert.

Want to end the day feeling warm and cozy (and a little tipsy)? 

Start with an orange-glazed chicken with cornbread and honey for a home cooked taste that warms you up in the cold weather, and a Hot Toddy for a nightcap will keep you warm this winter.

The beautiful thing about citrus is its so versatile. Hopefully this gets the inspiration going, and don’t forget to submit your own recipes to us for a chance to get featured on our website! 🍊🎉

Author: Tiernan

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