What is “Harvest to Order”?

“Harvest to order” isn’t just a buzzword phrase for us at Tree-Ripe Fruit Co. – it is the way we get you the freshest fruit. Simply put, when we say “harvest to order” it means that your fruit is actually picked from the tree after you’ve ordered it. Most large fruit buyers want as much as they can get, at the lowest price they can find, and they want it according to their schedule. With our 30+ years experience working with fruit, we’ve developed a different philosophy. We just can’t rush the progress, we have to allow fruit to ripen on the tree and rely on expert growers to harvest. Then we get it to you really, really fast.

What is different about “harvest to order”?
The number one priority for grocery stores is shelf life. This has put pressure on farmers to harvest their fruit too early, and to utilize anti-ripening techniques like chemicals and deep cold storage. The fruit you’ll find at a normal grocery store will have taken a long and cold journey before it gets to you.

For example, an orange may be harvested long before it’s ripe, gassed (chemicals to ripen and color citrus), transported to cold-storage facilities, then distribution centers before finally finding its way to the grocery store floor. Often, produce has been bought and sold numerous times and it’s impossible to even know when it was picked or how old it is!

You cannot fool nature; a fruit picked too early will never be the same as a tree-ripened piece of fruit. You can taste the difference. That’s why we work directly with hand-selected growers that not only have the ability to grow fruit this way, but also share the same mindset.

It provides real benefit to our hardworking growers, too. By working directly with the farm, it allows them to set aside their premium fruit for harvest, budget and fix their schedules, and take pride in sending out products that people keep returning for year after year.

Even with this quality-driven product, we still want to give you great value. So, you won’t end up paying ridiculous shipping fees on top of your order like other mail-order companies or wasting money on fruit that just isn’t good. “Harvest to order” is the way to get the best (and freshest) fruit you’ll ever eat!

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