Why are Georgia peaches the best tasting peaches? One major factor is the climate. Hot days, consistent rainfall, plenty of sunshine – these are necessary conditions for growing a good peach anywhere. But some believe what puts Georgia peaches into a class of their own is what happens at night.

The overnight temperatures in Georgia don’t cool down as much as other regions, giving the trees consistent and comfortable growing weather 24 hours a day. Peaches need a lot of heat, and during the hot days and nights, the peach trees are busy producing sugars that make the fruits tastier than anywhere else. And since peach season is only about 12 weeks long, the trees need all the time they can get in the best conditions possible. 

Secondly, it’s the soil! The Fort Valley plateau, in middle Georgia, contains thick, dense, red clay. It holds moisture during drought and heat, giving peach trees what they need to produce sweet fruit.

The ideal conditions in Fort Valley, GA, where your Tree-Ripe peaches come from, are known for consistently producing the best peaches and pecans. They’re even used to supply peaches to some of the most prestigious restaurants around the country. We can’t wait to bring them straight from the trees to our customers here in the Midwest for another great summer!

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