Spring News 2022

As soon as spring time hits, we’re already thinking about Georgia peaches, Michigan blueberries, and our summer season. It’s the highlight of the year for us! However, what are we up to at Tree-Ripe this time of year?

The first thing we do as a staff is try to catch our breath and take a little break. By this time of year, we’ve been working full time since last peach season making our way through our different seasons. We wrapped up our citrus season in March and, once again, this past year was our busiest ever! 

Pretty quickly though, we begin working on preparing for our summer season in earnest. This means connecting with all of our hosts for scheduling summer visits, working with staff, preparing equipment, advertising, and much more. It’s a big job to deliver as many peaches as we do!

During the spring, we’re also staying in close communication with each farm to see how all of our fruit is coming along in the growing process. If you’ve been following along with us, you know we survived quite a scare this spring with freezing temperatures in Georgia. Everything right now looks great for a mid-June start of peach season!

It’s been quite a cold spring in Michigan, but hopefully we’ll have blueberry news to share when they begin to blossom. For those that have been interested in strawberries, we’ve been facing many challenges in Michigan that have prevented us from being able to bring them in any larger quantities. We do not expect to have them available this summer, but hope to have news later this year on strawberries.

We have lots of exciting things planned for this summer (get your best recipes ready 😉), we can’t wait to see you at the truck this summer!

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