January citrus delays

Ready! Set! Wait for it…

We recently posted a blog about harvest to order; what it means and why it’s beneficial. Now we’re putting it into practice. Your lovely citrus fruits are working as hard as they can to grow big, strong and sweet, but they will let us know when they’re ready to go. We expect to delay our January shipments by one week. You’ll receive email updates if you have placed an order.

As you probably noticed locally, December temperatures stayed warmer than usual. This was also true in our citrus growing region in Florida. Cool nights make for sweeter citrus, and we haven’t had many of those. However, we’re in luck because temperatures have been dropping in recent days. And the citrus is loving the cool nighttime air. These few extra growing days can turn an ordinary piece of fruit into a Tree-Ripe Fruit Co. piece of fruit – better than you’ll find anywhere. Rather than harvest early, we need to allow our fruit the extra time on the tree it needs.

The benefits extend beyond one piece of fruit. Growers take pride in their fruit when quality and care are top priority. Instead of meeting an arbitrary schedule, they bring our customers the best nature provides. Our customers enjoy peak, in-season, delicious fruit that keeps them coming back year after year to support the growers. And the cycle of quality and care can continue. 

This is harvest to order in action! 

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