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Our Fall Season is Here!

Fruit, 10/06/23

Crunchy leaves, cooling temps, and all things apple and pear!

Mountain Rose apples grown in volcanic soil of Mt Hood, Oregon

The busy season of summer has passed, we took a much needed break, and now are ready to get back into the swing of things with our sweet and crunchy fall lineup!

Tree-Ripe fall season fruit is truly special – a perfect example of the difference between tree-ripened fruit and what you might find in the grocery store. Harder fruits, (or pome fruits) like apples and pears, can be put in cold-storage for a long time without looking any different from the outside. But the difference in taste and quality is apparent with the first bite. A freshly picked apple or pear can be a eye-opening new taste experience for those who consistently buy from the grocery store. Tree-Ripe fruit is picked and shipped to you within days of harvest for the freshest experience! 

Working with multi-generational farms is an honor, like Kiyokawa Orchards in the Hood River Valley in Oregon, where the volcanic soil creates ideal growing conditions for the orchards of apples and pears. Our partner farm Appleland, in Belgium, WI has been growing apples for over 50 years in the great lakes region, only a few miles from Lake Michigan. These unique conditions, where the cool springs and mellow autumn temperatures grow some of the sweetest honeycrisps around. 

Add some delicious and healthy Tree-Ripe fruit to your hiking backpack, your crisp-weather baking, and your family table this fall. You can order our fall season harvest now on our website, in single fruit boxes or in a Farm Share box with a mix of the best of this fall. We’re expecting to ship our fall fruit October 30!

Have a great autumn season everyone!

Author: Tiernan

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