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Pear care 101

Fruit, 10/26/21

What varieties are included in our ‘Winter Mix’ of Oregon pears? And what’s the best way to care for them?

When you open up your beautiful box of Tree-Ripe Oregon pears, what can you look forward to? Here is what we’re including in the mix this season, tasting notes, and tips on how to care for your pears!

My personal favorite is the Concorde. This tall and elegant pear has such a unique flavor, it tastes like it was injected with vanilla! Also, the Concorde doesn’t soften the same way other pear varieties do. It stays firm and eats more like an apple. This makes it your go-to cooking pear. Its firm texture holds up well even in high heat. Try it as a sweet contrast in pork dishes or toss them in a salad for a sweet vanilla-like crunch. 

Taylor’s Gold: The new kid on the block! This juicy and tender variety was discovered in New Zealand in 1986 and first grown in Washington in 1998. It is thought to be a combination of a Bosc and Comice. Its rich sweet flavor and mild notes of honey make it perfect for salads, or to use as a mellow contrast with a strong blue cheese.

Warren: Smooth like butter… The Warren is super smooth (no grit!) with notes of vanilla and spice. It is rare to find because it is very challenging to grow, so this specialty pear is a real treat.

Red D’Anjou: This European beauty stands out from the crowd with its dark, crimson color. The skin is also where you find those helpful phytonutrients (antioxidants!). Add a pop of color to your charcuterie board or enjoy with simple granola.

Green D’Anjou: Keep your eye on this one! The Green D’Anjou won’t change color as it ripens, so test the pears for softness. The refreshing flavor makes it a great addition to a savory panini or in a smoothie. 

Bosc: There’s never a wrong time to bite into a delicious Bosc pear, since the sweet fall spice and woodsy flavor are better enjoyed early in the ripening process. Each one is a piece of art with its bronze russeting skin. Great for classic poached pears.

Comice: So sweet that they’re blushing! The Comice are so silky and juicy that you actually don’t want to cook with these, but pair them with a Brie or cheese plate to impress your guests (and your tastebuds). 

Pear Care: How do I take care of my pears?! First, leave your pears out of the fridge because they ripen at room temperature. Next, Leave them on the counter for 3-5 days until the neck (area below the stem) is soft to the touch. Colors often don’t change and each variety is a little different, so check your pears daily!

Then, once your pears are ripe, place in the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. They will remain fresh for 5-7 days. It’s really that easy, pears are a very forgiving fruit…and enjoy!

Author: Tiernan

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