If you’re someone who preserves, cans, freezes, candies or jams your fruit by the bushel, you have no fear of having too much fruit. For newbies or small families, however, a whole box or two of citrus might seem intimidating. But don’t worry! You can quickly and easily preserve your oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, or any citrus fruit you have at home. You’ll probably be so pleased with the results, you’ll be stocking up like a professional homesteader.  

Here are three easy ways to enjoy every last bit of your delicious Tree-Ripe Fruit Co. citrus.


This is easier than you might think since you use the whole fruit. Finely slice your oranges or any combination of citrus, removing the seeds as you go. Cook down with sugar and water until thickened and store in the fridge or airtight containers. The pectin that thickens the marmalade is in the white pith of the fruit. Find one of our favorite recipes here

Limoncello (or Orange-cello!) 

For all that adulting you need to do, follow it up with a refreshing glass of homemade citrus liqueur. Mandarins like Shiranuis or Meyer Lemons make a great drink. Wash and smash your citrus and combine with vodka or other neutral-taste alcohol in a clean glass container. Follow our recipe here, and feel free to experiment with different varieties of citrus!

Candied Peels

You don’t have to throw out the peels when you eat or juice your Tree-Ripe citrus – try candied peels. We made a batch of these with orange peels in our Tree-Ripe test kitchen last month and they’re sweet and chewy, like a gummy bear mixed with a jolly-rancher? Definitely worth trying. Follow this recipe.

Need more ideas? You can also freeze your fresh orange juice, save the zest, dry fruit in the dehydrator, can fruit segments, infuse flavor to vinegar, and so much more. Citrus season is such a fantastic time, and with all the delicious ways to use your fruit, there’s no such thing as too much!

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