Farm Spotlight: Noble Citrus

When you receive your Tree-Ripe Fruit Co. order in January, you’ll be getting something truly unique if you’re getting tangerines. Noble Citrus, located in Winter Haven, FL, has been growing tangerines and other citrus at their family run grove for about 100 years that you cannot get anywhere else in the world. We are always on the lookout for partner farms who share our philosophy on quality over quantity and harvest to order. This is exactly what we found with the Noble family, four generations of citrus growers.

The Tangerine Experts
Starting with only a handful of trees, this grove planted tangerines when almost everyone else in Florida was growing oranges, and they’ve continued to specialize in growing tangerines. They also incorporate pruning and water-saving farming practices that are environmentally friendly. They use real people to harvest, sort and wash the fruit before it arrives at your door. For example, the Pommelo has to be hand-clipped from the trees so as not to damage the fruit. This attention to quality is what we’re always after in order to bring our customers the best fruit they’ve ever tasted. 

Over the last century, things at Noble Citrus have only been getting better. The ‘Juicy Crunch’ tangerine is up to 50% sweeter than traditional tangerines. However, the harvest window for these beauties is in January, so don’t wait to place your order. We’re really excited to be working with Noble citrus, and can’t wait for you to try these tangerines!

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