A Noble Traveler

Have you heard about the Juicy Crunch tangerine yet? We headed down to visit our partner farm, Noble Citrus, last week to check on the Juicy Crunch tangerines we’ll be delivering to you this January (it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it). Come along on our visit to see some Florida citrus groves!

We headed out to check the groves bright and early. The weather was beautifully sunny and the air was warm, despite the talk of a good Florida thunderstorm coming that day. Driving through the sandy lanes between the trees makes you feel like you’re really in the tropics. The groves are crowded with over 500 tangerine trees per acre. The Juicy Crunch tangerine is the crowning achievement of Noble Citrus – they’ve been developing and improving this variety for over 40 years and they couldn’t be prouder to offer them to our customers. 

We reached the tangerine trees and saw trees loaded with bright orange fruit. The lanes are so narrow that they’re harvested with tiny-tank-like-trucks that can maneuver in the lanes without getting stuck in the sand – so cool! 

The Juicy Crunch tangerine needs to be ‘clipped’ from the tree, pulling the fruit from the tree can tear the delicate skin, much like a Honeybell. We couldn’t wait to try them and we were not disappointed! Amazingly sweet!

True to its name, the Juicy Crunch gives a little ‘snappy crunch’ sound when you open it, almost like an apple. The pieces inside are firm – but still sweet and juicy. It’s a unique variety that we’re so grateful to have on our January line-up. 

We’d love to bring you all to Florida with us, but bringing you the chance to try these tangerines is the next best thing!

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