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New Fruit: Cara Cara Oranges

Fruit, 02/09/22

We’re excited for you to learn more about this unique citrus variety…the Cara Cara!

We have another new addition to our lineup, the Cara Cara orange!

Have you ever tried a Cara Cara? On the outside it looks like an ordinary orange, but on the inside you’ll find it isn’t ordinary at all. In fact, it looks more like a grapefruit once it’s been sliced open.

Cara Cara oranges are a variety that we’ve been eating for years and have always been in love with. They are actually a variety of Navel that was first found in South America, believed to be a hybrid of the Brazilian Bahia orange and the Washington Navel orange. First introduced into specialty markets in the US in the 1980s, they’ve been slowly growing in popularity due to their complex flavor, low acidity, and easy peeling characteristics.

So, for the first time, we’re bringing them to you! The Cara Cara oranges you’ll get in your Tree-Ripe delivery this March are grown in the San Joaquin Valley near Dinuba, California. There they receive the intense sunshine needed to give them the sweet, tangy taste you’ll love. And one of the coolest characteristics about the Cara Cara is the other fruity notes you’ll taste, hints of berry and rose (some describe it like eating fruit punch!).

Author: Tiernan

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