Harvest time is a wildly busy time at each of our farms, equal parts wonderful and crazy. This is especially true while harvesting our Oregon pears. It is the culmination of an entire year of hard work, as well as when we breathe a sigh of relief that we made it through unforeseen challenges. For instance, facing extreme heat like never before in the Pacific Northwest just wasn’t on the radar last winter. But looking back on what we’ve overcome is what makes every harvest so sweet. This October, we made our way to Parkdale, Oregon to be with the Kiyokawa family for the fall harvest, and it was spectacular. 

Oregon pear farm near Mt Hood during pear harvest

No other farm we work with quite compares to Kiyokawa Family Orchards due to its unique location. The farm is located in the beautiful Hood River Valley and is part of the popular Hood River Fruit Loop (how fun is that!). In this 35 mile loop, you have no shortage of vineyards, orchards, vegetables, flowers, great food, wine and ciders. And of course, Oregon pears!

Walking this orchard is truly a special experience. Here, we saw first hand what makes these pears so unique. Row after row of beautifully cared for trees – trees that the Kiyokawa family has been tending to for decades. We were beyond impressed with the unique varieties being produced here, with the kind of attention to detail you can only get from a family-run farm.

It made us so proud and happy that this was the product we are bringing to our customers and we hope to bring you that same feeling in every box of fruit.  Enjoy this fall’s pear harvest!

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