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What is a Meyer Lemon?

Fruit, 02/16/22

Find out more about the loveliest of lemon varieties, the Meyer!

When you think of a lemon, what do you think of? Probably the most common variety available virtually everywhere, the Eureka lemon. This workhorse lemon is great in the kitchen and delivers a mouth-puckering lemon flavor. However, with our focus on using in-season produce and quality over quantity growing methods, we think the everyday lemon isn’t cutting it anymore.

Meyer lemons have been growing in popularity and with good reason. They’re part lemon and part mandarin orange, and delicate and flavorful without the bitterness associated with traditional lemons. And with a thinner peel, they’re ideal for using the entire lemon in your cooking and baking. Keep reading to find out a little bit about where they came from and why they’re so unique!

The history of the Meyer lemon goes back to 1908. It was brought to the United States by the plant explorer Frank N. Meyer, who found it near Peking, China. Because of its obvious resemblances to the lemon and its suitability as a substitute for that fruit, it came to be known as the Meyer lemon.

In the mid-20th century, Meyers were being grown in California on a larger scale. The only problem was that they were too delicate and the season was too short to be widely shipped and stocked as a grocery store staple. The fruit was too tender and juicy to withstand handling, shipping, and storage without excessive waste. Moreover, it does not cure or color well during storage. As a consequence, it has failed to establish itself as a widely distributed commercial variety.

That being said, we’re not worried about cold storage because we don’t use it for our fruit. We fell in love with this variety, and can’t say enough about how precious these Meyer lemons are. They need to get from the tree to your kitchen in as little time as possible. This is definitely a product where the Tree-Ripe Fruit Co. philosophy is so important. On top of that, the Meyers we offer are certified organic, meaning they’re grown and cared for in the purest way possible. 

Looking for ideas on how to use Meyer lemons? Check out our recipe page for some tasty ways to use your Meyer Lemons this season 🙂 🍋

Author: Tiernan

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