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What is a ‘Peach Stop’?

News, 07/03/22

How do our Peach Stops work?

Every summer, we tour through the Midwest and make over 500 ‘Peach Stops’? But what is a ‘Peach Stop’? And how do they work?

Simply put, our Peach Stops are the primary way we deliver our products to our customers in the summer months. We schedule all of these events in the spring, and then in the summer we visit a Peach Stop for usually an hour and a half, and customers can purchase whatever they’d like.

If you’ve never been to one of our truck route stops to buy delicious Georgia peaches, Michigan blueberries, Georgia pecans, (or pistachios – shhh), here’s what to expect!

Our truck and crew will arrive before the scheduled time to setup and get the peaches ready. While you wait, you can chat with fellow fruit enthusiasts about the weather, what you’re going to use your fruit for, how long you’ve been coming to the truck, your kids, grandkids, or furbabies, swap recipes, and make friends. ☺️ 

Our crews work fast since we’re so busy during the season, so once the truck pulls up, it won’t take them long to get set up and ready to roll. We just ask you to wait patiently and give our crew enough space to setup, primarily for everyone’s safety.

When it’s your turn for goodies, tell our friendly staff how many of each product you want (“One of each” is common peach-stop lingo for the insiders 😉). Our staff will grab your boxes fresh from the truck, calculate your total and take your payment. We prefer credit cards, but also accept cash or check. No pre-orders required!

Then you can load your peaches up. You can use one of our hand carts to move your haul to your vehicle, we just ask that you bring it back for the next person in line. If you need assistance, our team will help you to your car.

Drive home and follow the handy tips in our brochure for best results and to get the best taste possible. Care for your fruit like it’s a member of the family… until it’s ready to be eaten. Then treat it like fruit again.

And that’s it, you’ll be eating sweet Georgia peaches in no time!        

Author: Tiernan

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