Peach Availability Announcement

🍑 Peach availability 🍑
All Peach Stops will have peaches available with no limit
going forward. If this changes, we will update everyone! 🎉 (updated 7/18)

We wanted to give everyone an update from the farm regarding peach supply. As many of you know, it has been a struggle in Georgia due to a number of factors. An early spring freeze followed by extreme heat (and a hailstorm 😩) has affected the peach crop more than expected. Because of this, we have limited the amount of peaches each customer can purchase. We want as many as possible to enjoy peach season!

We’ve had a lot of optimism that as we progressed through the season, supply would improve. However, it continues to be a struggle. Our partner, Pearson Farm, has been incredible as virtually all of their peaches have been coming to us in the Midwest. While the peaches we’ve been able to bring have been amazing, we just haven’t been able to pick enough of them.

What does this mean for supply for the rest of the summer? 
We know that we will have peaches at most locations, however we may continue to limit purchases throughout the remainder of peach season. This is disappointing news, no one is more heart broken than we are. If we are able to increase supply and remove limits, we absolutely will.

How can I know what the peach supply is looking like?
We’ve been updating everyone daily on our Facebook page as well as here on this blog post. Make sure to take a look before heading out to the truck!

What about blueberries? 
We’re pumped for blueberry season to begin and the blueberry crop looks very good! We expect the harvest to begin sometime late next week. Blueberries are very finicky, and it’s always hard to pin down an exact start date. But as soon as they’re available on all of our trucks, we’ll let you know!

This has been an incredibly challenging peach season for all of us. We can’t thank you, our customers, enough for your understanding and kind words. We’re so grateful for every peach we can deliver, and we’ll continue to do everything possible to keep delivering them to you! 🍑

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