Peach season is almost here!

We are super excited to bring you the best peach season update – the peaches are looking AMAZING! After last season’s peach shortage, we’re happy to announce that this summer’s harvest is looking just the opposite of last year. Weather is always our main concern during the spring. As last year proved, a late season frost can be devastating to the peach trees. This spring passed without a hitch and the trees are right on track for a bountiful crop. They actually grow so much fruit we go through and ‘thin’ the trees, making space for each piece of fruit to grow bigger and healthier on the tree. 

We’re shooting to kickoff our peach routes on June 15th with a few weekend events, and trucks will start running on Monday June 17th. We’ve posted events on our website and our brochures have gone out.

This year, be sure to check our brochure or website for your location. We have moved a few of our locations, so don’t get left out in the sun alone! (But if you do, we will be taking online orders again this summer!)

What else is new, you ask? Our California fruit partnership with Dickenson Family Farms has launched! After almost a year of work behind the scenes, we’ve made these fresh farm picks available for you to order. Packed and shipped directly by the farm to you, check our website for avocados, lemons, grapefruit, and oranges. Or check out our CA Farm Share box to try out a little of each (and grab a bonus item). This is a new program, so we really appreciate everyone’s support and feedback. Check out our organic California fruit as well as our new jam and nut mixed-boxes – a great gift for you or a friend!

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