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Blueberry Availability

News, 07/07/22

Blueberry supply for the week of 7/11

🫐 Blueberry Supply Update (8/3)🫐

All stops will have blueberries today. If that changes, we will update.

We know how excited everyone is for our blueberry season to begin, and we wanted to let you know the status of the harvest.

Usually, blueberry season begins sometime around July 4th. Due to a cooler than usual spring, the berries are behind schedule by a number of days. While we expected to be able to supply all of our trucks this week, the majority of the blueberries simply aren’t quite ready to go. In addition, we faced several severe storms in Michigan this week.

We’re tentatively planning on blueberries being available starting Monday, July 11th. Don’t worry, we will let everyone know once they’re available! With that being said, the blueberries are looking fantastic and once we begin harvesting we expect to have great supply! 🫐🎉

Author: Tiernan

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