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Pre-order by January 22nd for an expected delivery the week of January 29th! The finest grapefruit in the world come from the Indian River area of Florida. The climate and fertile soil is uniquely suited to growing grapefruit with the distinctive delicate, complex flavors found only in Florida. Ours are so sweet that many have as much sugar content as an orange.

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Pre-order by January 22nd for an expected delivery the week of January 29th!

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We offer our Florida Ruby Red grapefruit in 2/5 bushel boxes (18-20 lbs). Weights listed are approximate. Approximately 18-30 grapefruit in each box, depending on size being harvested. Harvested by small-batch growers near the Indian River area of Florida.


Pre-order now for an expected delivery the week of January 29th! Freezing temperatures at time of delivery may delay shipment. Shipping and handling is included for orders in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. All other orders may require a shipping and handling charge. Please note, we are unable to ship produce to Alaska, Arizona, California, and Hawaii. We cannot ship to PO boxes.

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Weight 20 lbs
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Each box contains mixed-size grapefruit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 388 reviews
Judith Lipp
Ruby Red

Overall the Ruby Red Grapefruit was good, tho not as good as usual. A few were “punky” and a couple were moldy. Disappointing…

Steve Conradt
Grapefruit Order 02/24

Good tasting fruit. Lots of small ones. But I'm guessing the season is almost over. Love our Tree Ripe Fruit!!


Small…not super sweet

Greg Rodgers
Too Small

Fruit must have been picked first as soon as they were ripe as they are very small, about the size of a normal small orange, and the internal 'wedges' are so small they are too little for a normal grapefruit spoon. I was very disappointed!

Amanda Goehl

Excellent fruit. Very happy with it.

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