Florida Honeybells


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Pre-order now for an expected delivery the week of January 29th! The Honeybell is the most *exclusive* variety of citrus. Many citrus lovers have never heard of a Honeybell before. This variety is a Minneola Tangelo, nicknamed Honeybells in Florida because of their honey-sweet flavor and unique bell shape. Extremely juicy and mostly seedless, you’ll want to get your hands on them. And don’t wait, they’re only available in January!

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Order by January 22, 2024 for an expected shipping date of January 29, 2024!

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We offer our Florida Honeybells in 1/2 bushel boxes. Weights listed are approximate. Approximately 28-40 Honeybells in each box, depending of the size being harvested. Harvested by small-batch growers near the Indian River area of Florida.


Pre-order by January 22 for an expected delivery the week of January 29th! Freezing temperatures at time of delivery may delay shipment. Shipping and handling is included for orders in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. All other orders may require a shipping and handling charge. Please note, we are unable to ship produce to Alaska, Arizona, California, and Hawaii. We cannot ship to PO boxes.

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Weight 20 lbs
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Florida Honeybells

We were a bit disappointed with our Honeybells this year. It's possible they had some frost damage. They are very sweet and juicy but have no flavor.

Kathy Alexander

My neighbors with whom I shared the honeybells as a thank you for all the help they have given me as I cope with brain cancer, LOVED the citrus. It almost seemed they hoped the more they helped me, the more oranges of different kinds they would receive. But I just love you, your citrus products, and all my good friends.

Jelka McBride
Very Disappointed

Most had sections that were hard, dry and white, making them inedible. Some had to be tossed entirely because so much of the honeybell was this way. Only a few have actually been good (sweet and juicy). They didn’t freeze while in my possession. I retrieved the box right after it was delivered. Not sure what caused this issue, but I won’t purchase again. I have in the past years had a few be this way, but in this shipment sadly 75% of them had the hard white sections.

Christine Cavallaro
Used to be my favorites...

Sadly, the last two years the case of Honeybells have not been as fresh as in earlier years.

Dennis McComb

Very juicy but not as tasty as I expected.

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