Hot Honey

By: Tree-Ripe Fruit Co.

  • 4-8 Dried Arbol Peppers, Destemmed (Amount depends on heat preference)
  • 1 lb. Clover & Wildflower Honey
  • ½ Cup water
  1. Break open 4-8 dried arbol chilies and combine in a pot with 1 lb. honey, and ½ cup water. Heat on low while stirring, increase heat to high until honey boils. Turn down the heat to lowest setting and simmer for one hour while stirring occasionally.
  2. Leave peppers in for hotter honey or strain honey through a mesh strainer for a milder heat.
  3. Serve immediately or pour into jars, let cool for 2 hours, cover with lid and store in a cool dry place for up to three months.