Georgia Peach Update 2023

Every spring we cannot wait until it turns to summer and the Georgia peach harvest begins – it’s without a doubt our favorite time of the year. However, peach season will look a little different this summer… 

In March, we faced a number of very chilly nights. Despite the best efforts of everyone at Pearson Farm, the majority of the peach crop did not make it through the frost. The early reports gave us a lot of hope, but we couldn’t track the real damage until the peaches began to grow in earnest. We wanted to have a full understanding of what the crop truly looked like before giving everyone an idea of what to expect this summer. In the end, it looks like over 90% of the peach crop was lost.

Now the good news – despite the freeze, we will have peaches this summer! Our partner Pearson Farm will be sending us the majority of their harvest. We are blessed to have a wonderful relationship with them that we’ve built over the last 20 years, and grateful that our customers benefit from this partnership.

What this means is we won’t have nearly as many peaches as a normal year. We will be offering our peaches in a quarter-bushel size only this summer at our Peach Stop locations. We do expect to have some peach availability at our Pop-Up locations as well. It looks unlikely that we will be able to offer Home Delivery as an option this summer.

We can’t help but feel amazingly grateful that we will have any peaches at all. Peaches are not produced in a factory; they are not made to order. We are at the mercy of nature, the weather, and rely on time, patience, and the skill of our friends in the south. Occasionally through the years we have faced challenging seasons like this. We think back to a very small crop in 2017, or 2006 when there were literally no peaches. But our mission remains the same – to get you the best fruit you’ll ever eat, from the trees to you as fast as possible.

We still can’t wait to see you at the truck this summer with every last sweet Georgia peach available. We also look forward to a bountiful blueberry harvest, our Georgia pecans, and maybe a few surprise offerings this summer. 

We’ll be in touch with all the latest details to you, our fantastic customers and fruit fans!

Tiernan and Nataly Paine
Owners – Tree-Ripe Fruit Co.

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