Florida Satsuma Mandarins


We’ve been working with citrus for three decades, and in our opinion, this is a perfect citrus variety. It’s sweet. It’s zesty. And it’s seedless! These seedless fruits beat the competition in juiciness and balanced flavor. Another wonderful quality of the Satsuma mandarin is how easy to peel they are. They feel puffy to the touch as the peel is almost separated from the mature fruit.

We offer our Satsuma mandarins in 10 pound boxes and 2/5 bushel boxes (20 pounds). Weights listed are approximate. Harvested by small-batch growers in Monticello, Florida.
Next ship date is December 18th. Once our shipping has begun, any orders received after 5:00pm CDT Sundays will be shipped the following week.
Shipping and handling is included for orders in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. All other orders may require a shipping and handling charge. Please note due to agricultural regulations, we are unable to ship produce to Arizona and California. We cannot ship to PO boxes.
Weight 10-20 lbs

10, 20

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Customer Reviews

Based on 478 reviews
Bland and fibrous

I wish I was writing a good review for satsuma mandarins. They were all fibrous and bland and some were dry. This was a waste of money. We ended up juicing all of them. The juice was fine but still had very little flavor.

Christine A Cwik
Mandarin Review

Very small....most of them were the size of a walnut and mushy. Very different from past years.

Wendy Jensen
Oranges Too dry

The oranges were old and dry. I through them all away.

Tracie Davis
Pecans good fruit horrible

Had to throw away all the fruit

James Marotz

Majority of the oranges were more pulpy than prior shipments of satsuma.