Whiskey Old Fashioned with Peach

Recipe Author:

Amanda W.

Prep time: 5 Mins
Number of servings: 8

This recipe features our Georgia peaches from Pearson Farm available every late June through early August. 🍑


It’s also a recipe from YOU! Our awesome Tree-Ripe customers. Send us your recipes at info@tree-ripe.com. 🙂


1 wooden muddler

1 whole ripe peach sliced into 8 wedges and pit removed

Ice cubes

2-3 ounces Mt Royal light whiskey (per glass)

2-3 dashes of bitters (per glass)

3 maraschino cherries divided 2-1 (per glass)

A few cans of sweet & sour soda like 50/50, squirt, or lemon lime soda like 7up

Optional: 1 sugar cube per glass


Place 2 cherries and one peach wedge into bottom of glass with the dashes of bitters and muddle to mix and release the fruit juices.

Add some ice to your liking.

Add the whiskey

Top off glass with soda

Garnish drink with a peach wedge and cherry

Tip from Amanda- It’s common to include a sugar cube to the glass before muddling but I think the peach is sweet enough so my choice is to leave out the sugar cube.