Something Special From Wisconsin

While we love traveling the country to scout out the best fruit available for our customers, some of the best growing regions for fall fruits are close to home! From our home base here in Wisconsin, we’re seeing the hot summer months turn into crisp fall days. The leaves change, the nights get cool, and the smell of fireplaces start to fill the air. It also means harvest time for some outstanding local crops: Wisconsin Honeycrisp apples and Wisconsin raw honey. 

Our region fully experiences all four seasons, giving us cool springs for apple blossoms, warm summers for growth, and long falls for the apples to fully develop and sweeten right on the trees. For the bees, the region gives lush fields of clover where they can gather and produce the best tasting honey, harvested and bottled by hand by beekeepers with years of experience.

If you live in the area, let us ship these local gems right to your door. If you live a bit farther off, let us send you what we’re proud to grow right in our area!

We had the chance to visit Appleland this week to check the progress on our delicious Honeycrisp apples. We were impressed by how delicately each apple is hand-picked and processed. We also had the opportunity to pick some of our own apples (purely for research purposes, of course 😉). Let us just say, you’re all in for a tasty treat!!!

Fall fruits are available to pre-order now!  Head to our shop for all the deets. Available fall products: Oregon pears, Wisconsin Honeycrisp apples, Oregon Mountain Rose apples, New Mexico pistachios and Wisconsin raw honey. 

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